Stones are love talismans: which ones to wear to attract love?

Stones to attract love

There are many ways to attract your love: from fortune telling to love spells. However, stones, as a method of attraction, can be considered one of the most effective and reliable.

Even in Ancient Rome and Greece, some of the stones were considered symbols of love and hope. Emperors wore them without parting with them, even under the threat of losing everything they had. The loss of a stone was considered equal to the loss of hope.

It was not for nothing that Cleopatra wore a ring with an emerald, never parting with it day or night - the power of the stone, according to legend, helped the queen turn heads and ignite hearts. Ancient Greek mythology is replete with legends about stones that bind the hearts of couples, giving them eternal love and fidelity.

Stones for attracting love act not only on the opposite sex; most often, they give a special charm to their owner.

Special cases

Some gems are ambiguous and dangerous for love:

  • Alexandrite. Also called "widow's stone". It is believed that the effect is neutralized by a couple of jewelry. You can only give it to yourself.
  • Amethyst. Makes a person fall in love with the giver. Therefore, jewelry with a stone is presented only to the bride/groom or spouse. Never to someone else, even in the form of an experiment.
  • Opal. A symbol of love, but it can quarrel or separate a couple. It is picky and difficult to guess its compatibility with the future owner.

These options are problematic as a gift. But those chosen personally will become allies in love.

What is the magical power of stones?

In the language of modern science, a stone is a solid rock, a dead matter. At the same time, stones are born, live and undergo their own changes, invisible to us - people.

There is a hypothesis that stones are able to capture and store information about all events that occur near them, and are able to absorb positive and negative energy. The energy of the stone next to us is a powerful and undeniable tool that can influence our destiny depending on how great our faith is in its magical effect.

It is not for nothing that from time immemorial stones served sorcerers and healers, and ancient scientists devoted a significant part of their lives to the study of stones, as if guessing that a great secret could be hidden in a simple stone.

Some people are quite skeptical about the power of stones, saying that all this is an invention of charlatans who want to sell an ordinary stone for the price of gold. But this is a mistaken opinion. They do not know that a stone for good luck in love is an excellent and uncomplicated method for achieving the desired happiness.

The power of the stone is valid only when a person sincerely believes in its existence. Otherwise, the stone remains a stone.

Personal recommendations for each sign

The stones described above are recognized “professionals in their field.” They will bring you significantly closer to your goal.

If you choose a personalized amulet, then it is preferable to look at the star recommendations:

  1. Impulsive and unyielding Aries need direction of their energy. Simply spending it on career achievements, social position and recognition of their merits, Aries pay little attention to love. Diamond, ruby, and rock crystal will help this sign reveal the potential of tenderness and passion.
  2. Taurus lacks determination and confidence in their own irresistibility. Confidently paving the way to their intended goal, be it love or business, Taurus can slow down at the very end. Talisman stones – agate, lapis lazuli, sapphire. They will help you achieve your goals without any problems.
  3. Active and restless Geminis need solid support in today's unstable world. Representatives of this sign need to restore expended energy, and alexandrite, chrysoprase, and tiger's eye will help them with this.
  4. Demanding and thorough Cancers find it difficult to meet their other half. In search of an ideal, they often push people away from them. Carnelian, pearls, and amethyst can make them more picky and indulgent.
  5. The charming Leo is always surrounded by a lot of fans, he is invariably in the center of attention. At the same time, a large number of people crave his failures. You can attract loyal friends into Leo’s circle and protect him from troubles with the help of amber, citrine, and garnet.
  6. For wise and tactful Virgos, the stars recommend malachite, onyx and jade as a source of inexhaustible strength. Virgo's energy is primarily spent on caring for loved ones. Often this happens to the detriment of their own interests. Suitable stones will direct vitality in the right direction.
  7. Libra is a sign of diplomacy and harmony, they strive to change the world for the better. And to maintain harmony in their own soul and home, Libra is recommended to acquire amulets made of tourmaline, opal, and pearls.
  8. Scorpio's energy and assertiveness knows no bounds. Going headlong towards its goal, this sign disregards the opinions of others and breaks stereotypes. Serpentine, emerald, and turquoise will help Scorpio set priorities and reduce the number of enemies.
  9. Sagittarius enthusiasts love romance in all its forms, but it takes a very long time to choose a permanent partner. Making a huge number of acquaintances with a variety of people, Sagittarius often find themselves in difficult situations. It will become easier to deal with them with the help of onyx, peridot, and garnet.
  10. Obstinate Capricorns are sometimes prevented from achieving their goals by the stereotypes and principles that they follow. Amulets made of ruby, onyx, and coral can liberate this sign and breathe creative energy into it.
  11. Truthful and intellectual Aquarius can be too delicate in communicating with the opposite sex. This creates a lot of ridiculous rumors and gossip, putting Aquarius in an awkward position. In order to be persistent and defend your opinion, the following stones are recommended: turquoise, black agate, sapphire.
  12. Changeable and doubtful Pisces need a clear position in life. In this way they will attract increased attention and interest. Helpers in spiritual and personal growth - pearls, spinel, lapis lazuli.

How to care for a love talisman?

Determining which stone brings love is one thing; being able to properly care for it is another. After all, a stone is also a kind of living organism. You just need to remember this.

To wash away the negativity accumulated during the day from a stone, it should be washed under running, preferably cool, water. Imagine that this is a new phone that requires careful handling. This means there should be no scratches or cracks; remember, any such mark on the stone will disrupt its magical effect.

The stone should be stored separately, in a clean and dry place, giving it rest and release from time to time.

Thank the stone, talk to it, say kind and good words to it, do not utter dirty and vulgar expressions. Avoid bad companies and evil places. The stone must be clean not only in appearance, it must be energetically clean.

It is not enough to rely on the magical power of a stone; remember, you are the creator of your destiny, so shifting all responsibility to the stone is a bad idea.

Choosing the right mineral

When choosing an amulet that attracts happiness, love or health, you need to pay attention to several points:

  1. Spiritual compatibility with the mineral. Its use should not cause discomfort.
  2. Correspondence to the zodiac sign and element.
  3. Coincidence with a person’s character (strong energy stones should not be worn by weak-willed people).

Only if all these conditions are met will the stone work most effectively and help achieve everything that a person dreams of.

How to wear the love stone?

Love stones should be worn in the same way as jewelry - as a necklace, as earrings, as a bracelet or as a brooch. This is purely a matter of your taste. The only rule is to wear them with faith in their effect, wear a stone of love and think about it, the effect will not take long to arrive.

Wear the stone for your pleasure.

Stones for love are a big topic that is still being studied to this day. People who use the great power of the stone in their lives, without doubting its existence, are rich people. And their wealth lies in the fact that they always have a faithful assistant at hand, who, no matter what happens, will never leave them alone.

You can learn more about stones and talismans for love and marriage by watching this educational video. There are 14 stones described here (carnelian, rose quartz, sapphire, ruby, turquoise, moonstone, garnet, opal, amethyst, emerald, amber, aquamarine, topaz, malachite). This once again suggests that the choice of stones is not small and choosing only the right stone can bring the desired effect.

Gems to strengthen the senses

Love is something you need to constantly work on. The following gems will help preserve and strengthen cooled feelings over time:

  • white agate;
  • emerald;
  • aquamarine;
  • spinel;
  • turquoise;
  • pomegranate;
  • nephritis.

The white variety of agate is usually given as a gift to a loved one. This mineral absorbs the donor’s energy well and carries it within itself for a long time. Thus, the person who was given such an amulet will often remember the partner who gave it to him. For women, a pendant or pendant is suitable, for men - a ring with a massive stone.

Emerald is considered the stone of the pharaohs, as it was most often used to decorate the furniture of Egyptian kings. This gem is capable of imparting wisdom and composure, “dampening” emotions and not allowing relationships to be destroyed over a trifle.

Soft blue aquamarine represents purity and tranquility. Just like emerald, it recognizes lies well and does not allow its owner to be deceived. The stone will be a good talisman in times of separation, as it guarantees the partner’s fidelity.

Red spinel is under the auspices of Venus, a feminine planet, according to many astrologers. Products with this mineral reveal the beauty of a girl, making her more sophisticated, feminine, and sexually attractive. Such a gift is a great way to refresh and revive feelings that have cooled in a marriage.

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Blue turquoise is a sacred stone for Eastern culture and religion. It was used in the decoration of mosques, and in decorating the clothes and headdresses of the shahs, and as powerful talismans and amulets. This stone is still considered a guarantee of fidelity and sincere love for your partner.

Interesting! Jewelry and an amulet with turquoise will allow you to truly appreciate your chosen one and remember his best qualities and deeds. However, this rule applies only to the blue variety of the mineral.

Tourmaline brings peace and stability to relationships, but when choosing a stone, you need to take into account its color variety. Thus, men and women of elegant age should be given stones of a deep red hue, and young girls should be given jewelry with soft pink tourmaline.

Green jade can significantly increase the intuition of partners. Thanks to the fact that they will better feel each other’s mood and desires, the spouses will avoid unnecessary quarrels and conflicts. Silky pink selenite has approximately the same set of properties.

Do you believe in the power of love talismans made from stones?

Not really

Proper care

All natural stones have a strong energy field. They are able not only to influence the biofield of their owner, but also to ward off negativity aimed at him, absorbing dark energy.

To get rid of this energy, you need to regularly wash the gems in clean running water or leave them overnight in a saline solution. Some types of minerals require special handling. For example, adularia is charged from moonlight, and carnelian from the sun. Topaz should once again be protected from direct sunlight so that it does not fade.

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