What is shungite? Properties, extraction, application and price of shungite
Magic stone shungite: YouTube/Vanessa Hernandez Shungite stone is known for its mystical properties, and about it
brooch with emeralds
Emerald Rings: A Comprehensive Guide to Selecting and Buying an Emerald Ring
Emerald - precious beryl of category 1, rich green with warm yellow or cold
Garnet color - description, origin and best combinations
Garnet is a stone as ancient as it is covered in legends. There have been rumors about the magical properties of pomegranate
Stones are love talismans: which ones to wear to attract love?
Stones for attracting love There are many ways to attract your love: starting with fortune telling, ending with
quartz crystals photo
The powerful energy of lemon quartz: what properties does the stone have and who is it suitable for according to their zodiac sign?
Quartz is the most common mineral on planet Earth. It comes in a variety of color variations
How to wear turquoise?
How to choose turquoise jewelry and wear it correctly
Tips The magic of turquoise What turquoise is combined with The healing properties of turquoise How to distinguish real turquoise
Topaz stone - properties, zodiac compatibility, care tips and a unique photo selection
Formula Al2[SiO4](F,OH)2 Color Colorless, golden yellow, pale blue, yellow, tan, violet red, pink Luster Glass Transparency Transparent
Cleaning silver at home - proven tips
How to clean silver at home: proven tips and methods you didn't know
Many women prefer silver jewelry. And this is understandable. They are not only beautiful and
Australian opal
Properties, magic and rules for choosing and wearing Australian opal
The history of the appearance of opal During the times of Ancient Rome and Greece, the mineral was held in high esteem by
Proof 825 – 825 purity: real or fake?
What types of silver are there and which one is better to choose for decoration, silverware or investment
What types of silver are there? Silver is a noble metal characterized by high ductility. Products made from it
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