The powerful energy of lemon quartz: what properties does the stone have and who is it suitable for according to their zodiac sign?

Quartz is the most common mineral on planet Earth. It is found in a variety of color variations and is capable of forming crystals of varying sizes. In addition to its amazing natural characteristics, the stone also has impressive magical and healing properties, which we will discuss in detail later in this material.

General information about the mineral quartz

For the most part, the mineral is represented by solid granular masses that have a milky white color, or individual grains in the rock.

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According to its chemical properties, quartz is silicon dioxide, which also contains aluminum and iron. The stone has increased hardness; in this property it is second only to corundum, diamond and topaz. Pure quartz (rock crystal) has a high degree of thermal conductivity, so it is cool to the touch.

This type of mineral is very stable against various chemicals and strong acids; only alkali or hydrofluoric acid can dissolve it. Quartz begins to melt at a temperature of 1700 degrees Celsius.

This gem has been known to people since ancient times. In primitive times, it served as the basis for the manufacture of household items and tools, as well as for the production of jewelry. Its healing properties and features are described in many scientific works by ancient philosophers.

Origin story

According to archaeological excavations, we can conclude that quartz was mined back in the days of primitive people. It was they who began to use the mineral to make tools and weapons. In Mesopotamia, archaeologists discovered quartz jewelry that is seven thousand years old. In addition, it is mentioned in ancient philosophy - by Theophrastus and the Elder Pliny.

Based on this, it can be argued that quartz was a very popular material in ancient times. Although the high popularity of the crystal is not surprising, since it accounts for more than 90% of the total volume of the earth’s crust.

In what varieties can quartz be found?

Quartz has a huge number of varieties, each of which differs in its structure, color and energy. Let's consider all of them in detail further:

  • Black quartz (also called morion). It is an opaque or semi-transparent mineral, very similar in appearance to resin. Jewelers use exclusively annealed varieties of quartz, which change their color to yellow. Traditionally, Morion patronizes alchemists and magicians.
  • Pink quartz is an opaque pastel pink mineral. This is one of the types of rock crystal, which has enormous healing and magical properties: it will protect its owner (or mistress) from insults and give a harmonious mood.
  • Green quartz (another name is prazem). Translucent stone with a bright light green color. Jewelry is actively produced from it. The stone eliminates fatigue, reduces stress levels and gives a person peace.
  • Quartz is milky white in color - when the temperature of the stone changes, it begins to release ozone, which helps clear carbon dioxide from the lungs. The mineral is capable of retaining heat for a long time, for this reason it is often used for baths.
  • Smoky-colored quartz (also called rauchtopaz). Its main shade is brown, and its tones can vary in a wide range of colors. Rauchtopazes are very popular among jewelers; there is a huge amount of jewelry with them. Suspicious and very sensitive individuals should avoid this mineral.
  • Purple quartz (also known as amethyst). It is a precious translucent stone with purple hues. Amethysts are not characterized by a very high price, because in nature they are not too difficult to obtain. It is believed that the stone has a number of positive properties: it copes with female infertility and normalizes sexual desire in men.
  • Rutile quartz – acts as silicon dioxide. Due to its golden-red color with the addition of fine crystalline inclusions, it is the most expensive of all types of gemstones. He is credited with strong love spell properties, as well as protection from evil forces. Patronizes creative and inspired individuals.

Scope and scope

Quartz is very popular not only among jewelry lovers. This is its main, but not its only purpose. The scope of its application is quite diverse.

Zodiac sign

This gem has a great influence on people. Depending on the color of the mineral, it may or may not be suitable, or it may be a talisman for a certain zodiac sign.

  1. Aries. Note the purple or snow-colored quartz. The stone will help passive representatives of this sign to become confident, purposeful, persistent, will make a person become the life of the party, will force them to become sensitive not only towards loved ones, but also just strangers, and will destroy selfish notes in them.
  2. Calf. The influence will come exclusively from green and gray specimens. Such varieties of quartz will promote wisdom and prudence, warn against misfortunes and unkind people, and help lift your spirits during depression. If Taurus wear rings with rauchtopaz, then they have the chance to quickly and easily eliminate any misunderstandings that have arisen, climb the career ladder, and become an indispensable employee for their superiors. For Taurus women, the mineral will help them decide on a love relationship and make the only right choice.
  3. Twins. Give preference to red and yellow crystals. It is precisely such jewelry that will remove disappointments from life, bring joy and carelessness, and provide the opportunity to achieve what you want in a love relationship. In business you will have a chance to overtake your rivals without making them enemies.
  4. Cancers. It is preferable for them to wear stones of smoky or purple shades. And it doesn’t matter which finger the ring or ring is worn on. The main thing is that this will enable the owner to become more vigilant and self-possessed, normalize the nervous system, become calmer and more reasonable. These varieties of quart are recommended to be worn separately from other precious stones so that the effect is more pronounced.
  5. Lions. The most suitable shade is pinkish. Such a mineral will instill confidence, fortitude, strengthen inner sense, relieve pain and stop bleeding. It will also protect you from a miserable existence and help stabilize your financial condition.
  6. Virgos. Take pink, red, or purple-tinged sugar quartz seriously. Such minerals can bring good luck, solve complex problems, and help you emerge victorious from a bad situation. It also has a positive effect on a person’s energy and should be worn as a talisman. Moreover, the setting for the stone does not matter at all. His aura is so strong that he is able to protect against dishonest people.
  7. Scales. Smoky and yellow shades will come in handy. They will help you decide on a romantic relationship, choose a soul mate, and improve family relationships. Balance and harmony are ensured. Also has medicinal properties.
  8. Scorpios. Wear jewelry with opaque rutile, smoky, brown crystals. This will bring good luck, help you achieve your goal, strengthen your confidence in your rightness, and make envious people retreat.
  9. Sagittarius. The pink mineral will prevent troubles and make you believe in luck and uniqueness. You deserve more - strive for your goal and you will succeed. Moreover, no special effort is required. It will bring peace and tranquility into your life, drive away bad thoughts and feelings. Be healthy and happy with him.
  10. Capricorns. Smoky and milky gems are just for you. And it doesn’t matter what shape it’s cut into. It protects against diseases, strengthens the immune system, and improves memory and hearing.
  11. Aquarius. Put on a ring with golden quartz and you will feel a surge of vitality, improved mood, and increased tone. For you, life will become a holiday that nothing and no one can overshadow. It will help protect its owner from ogling people, from fears and troubles, and will help in business.
  12. Fish. If jewelry, then only with a pink, blue or green stone. Thus, quartz of a rare bluish hue helps to run a successful business, overcome obstacles on the way to achieving your goal, and attract investment. The green stone will remove negative energy, give you the opportunity to stop, concentrate and make the only right decision. The pink mineral has a positive effect on health and body indications.

Medicinal properties

Not every mineral can boast of such unique healing properties. However, quartz is endowed with them. Thanks to it, our body can receive excellent water passed through a quartz filter. This water can also wash away the negative energy accumulated during a difficult day. Quartz will help cure skin diseases, including providing a rejuvenating effect on the skin of the face and hands, giving it softness and elasticity. If you are sick with colds, the illness will be relieved with a quartz pendant.

Magic properties

Since ancient times, there has been an opinion that quartz has strong energy. Magic lenses and balls were made from this stone, and temple fires were lit with it. Not a single magical action was complete without this gem: it looked into the past, predicted future events, revealed secrets and solved riddles. Rock crystal was given particular importance. He was able to influence a person, force him to do certain actions and actions, that is, he took possession of him.

Each type of quartz had only its own inherent power. Thus, the pink mineral calmed, balanced, and forced one to control oneself even if the situation was getting out of control. People became non-confrontational, welcoming, friendly, and responsive. It was good to communicate with them and spend free time. Green gems relieved irritability and fatigue. Wearing such a pendant helped to quickly get out of depression, really look at what was happening and draw the right conclusions. Red quartz could bewitch, ward off the evil eye and damage, and prevent negative energy from affecting a person’s condition. He could even protect his owner from black magic.


Products with quartz inserts are very popular. On store shelves you can see earrings and rings, bracelets and necklaces, beads and cufflinks, pendants and many other jewelry. They are worn under festive outfits and in everyday life, at celebrations and at work, by businessmen and office employees. They are always beautiful, charming and mesmerizing. They exude power and magic.

Household use

Not only jewelry is made from quartz. It is used to manufacture optical instruments, ultrasound generators, telephone installations and radio equipment. The ceramic and glass industry cannot do without it. Quartz sand and siliceous refractories contain it in their composition in significant quantities. A variety of crafts are made from quartz, such as ashtrays, bowls, and vases.

Healing properties of quartz stone

  1. The mineral has a positive effect on the state of the respiratory system. There is a belief that if a person with a cold keeps a piece of jewelry with quartz or a small piece of this mineral with him, his illness will quickly pass.
  2. Traditional medicine advises using the famous quartz water, which is easy to make yourself at home. To do this, you just need to put a piece of the mineral in water and leave it to stand for some time.

The resulting liquid will have a number of healing properties and will affect the state of the body in the most favorable way. It is characterized by biological activity and helps prevent various diseases, stimulates rejuvenation processes in the body.

In addition, water infused with quartz helps for cosmetic purposes. So, if you regularly wash your face with it, your skin’s elasticity, smoothness and firmness will increase, wrinkles will smooth out, and various unpleasant rashes will disappear. This healing water will also help against burns, cuts, various inflammatory phenomena, and so on.


In some cases, natural quartz of inexpressive color is subjected to special treatment.

  1. To give the stone its golden-yellow hue, it is fired at high temperatures.
  2. To acquire a purple color, the mineral is subjected to radiation.

Interestingly, Russian scientists have patented a technology for artificially coloring stones, which is not yet in use, due to the huge number of natural shades of this mineral.

Jewelers use quartz stones as inserts in mid-price jewelry. The only exception is rose quartz; such stones stand alongside diamonds and emeralds and are set in gold. Jewelry with this stone belongs to the luxury class; they are found in famous world collections.

What magical properties does the mineral have?

The magic of quartz has attracted the attention of people since ancient times. So, lenses with balls were made from it, on which the sacred flame was subsequently kindled in the temple. With the help of quartz crystals, priests could talk about future events.

  • What stands out most is the magical properties of rock crystal, which is easy to program for the desired effect and which takes on the role of a powerful energy conductor.
  • Milky quartz is popular for meditation; it clears the mind of unnecessary thoughts and allows a person to better understand his nature.
  • Carnelian stone ensures fidelity of feelings, and chrysoprase and amethyst help to calm down.
  • Smoky-colored minerals allow you to make the right decisions; they are suitable as a talisman for people who have their own business.

Almost all varieties of quartz help eliminate anxious thoughts, fear, depression, and they will also protect you from negative energy. Those talismans with quartz, which are inserted into a silver frame, have especially powerful powers - they will give their owners good luck and financial success, and will act as a reliable love amulet.

With the help of products with this amazing stone, people gain the ability to improve their memory, imagination, speech, and activate all brain processes.

How to distinguish from a fake

Despite the fact that there are plenty of places to mine quartz crystals, unscrupulous people still try to sell synthetic fakes to ignorant connoisseurs of beauty. They are very similar to the originals, but the forgery is revealed by air bubbles inside the stone in a chaotic disorder and cracks. Moreover, transparent crystals of greenish, bluish or bluish tints are not found under natural conditions. They can only be translucent. It is also necessary to pay attention to the size of the mineral. If it is large enough, then it is undoubtedly a crude fake.

True quartz of natural origin will become not only a decoration, but also a talisman for its owner.

Zodiac compatibility

Different types of quartz have different properties, so some varieties are suitable for some zodiac signs, while others are suitable for others. Esotericists believe that the effect that a stone will have on one person can be very different on another. The effect is not the color itself, but what this color is formed from, that is, the various impurities contained in quartz. The zodiacal difference suggests different minerals to use.

Varieties of quartz stone, their properties suitable for different zodiac signs:

  • Aries. Amethyst, sugar (or snow) quartz.
  • Calf. Prazem (green quartz), stones with a gray tint.
  • Twins. Minerals of red shades, citrine (yellow shades).
  • Cancer. Amethyst, smoky quartz.
  • A lion. Rose quartz.
  • Virgo. Sugar quartz.
  • Scales. Smoky, citrine.
  • Scorpion. Rutile, rauchtopaz.
  • Sagittarius. Pink.
  • Capricorn. Rauchtopaz, sugar quartz.
  • Aquarius. Minerals with a golden hue.
  • Fish. Pink, sapphire quartz, green prazem.

The stone helps to get rid of the negative sides of the zodiac signs and bring balance to a person’s inner world.

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