Zirconium: a stone in jewelry, its properties and origin

Zircon is a natural stone that many compare to diamond. It has a beautiful shine and comes in a large number of shades. Each of them has unique properties and is valued by lovers of unique jewelry, as well as collectors.

History and origin

Zircon is considered one of the most ancient minerals. This is confirmed by a unique find of scientists. They managed to find Australian zircon. Its age reaches 4.4 billion years. Despite its excellent physical characteristics and attractive appearance, the stone was not widely used.

In ancient times, it was often mistaken for other gems of similar shades - topazes, tourmalines, rubies. Transparent zircon was passed off as diamonds.

It was only after the fifteenth century that the stone was appreciated in Europe. At the same time, it received different names based on color. Thus, the yellow varieties were called slangs, the blue varieties were called starlites, and the reddish-brown varieties were called hyacinths. But they did not please the rich nobles. Therefore, the stones were not widely used.

The fate of the mineral worsened during Soviet times. During that period, a synthetic analogue of a diamond was developed - cubic zirconia. In English it is called Zirconia. That is why the term “zirconium” arose in the Russian language. At the same time, natural zircon lost its position. It began to be confused with its artificial analogue.

Jewelry, how to wear?

Zircon is a very fragile stone and needs a reliable protective frame made of precious metal. Transparent gems look great in a gold or silver frame. In addition, they successfully imitate diamond.

Zircon inserts are used in the manufacture of earrings, rings, bracelets, pendants, and necklaces.

The calming reddish brown and yellow shades of the stone pair well with casual wear. Large gems in an expensive frame will be a wonderful accessory for an evening outfit.

You should wear jewelry with caution: the stone is very fragile and easily chips and scratches.

Physicochemical characteristics

Zircon stone has the following properties:

  • formula – zirconium silicate;
  • hardness in accordance with the Mohs scale – 6-8;
  • increased fragility;
  • different shades - red, pink, yellow, green, gray;
  • density parameters – 4.6-4.7 g/cm3;
  • diamond shine;
  • high degree of refraction.

Various substances are obtained from the mineral - uranium, zirconium, hafnium. On average, the size of a gem is several millimeters. However, large stones are extremely rare.

Important! Opaque and large crystals are characterized by excessive background radiation. They should not be worn or stored at home.

Scope of application

The use of zircon in jewelry has become widespread. This mineral is often inserted into various jewelry. The stone in jewelry looks best in combination with yellow gold. It is also often combined with silver. In this case, platinum is not used.

Expensive jewelry often comes on sale, which is complemented with starlites, malacons or hyacinths.

Rings, pendants and earrings are most often made from zircon. Pendants and tiaras with this stone are somewhat less common. Necklaces with zircon are considered very rare.

Most often, gems are used as an alternative to diamonds. They have a more affordable price, but look very attractive.

Compatibility with other stones

The meaning of the “little brother of diamond” in terms of belonging to the elements is the union of Earth and Water; in astrological terms, it is under the auspices of Jupiter. This stone is picky about its neighbors. He categorically protests against a diamond or a brilliant, and does not like rubies, which shine brighter than himself. The Union of Earth and Water sees Fire as its main enemy, so grenades are also “in the air.”

Ring with zircon

The best neighbors for this gem are the minerals of Earth and Water, except for morion. It is incompatible with Morion due to planetary incompatibility.

Zircon goes well with:

  • with agates and chalcedony of various types;
  • jasper;
  • heliotrope;
  • malachite;
  • turquoise;
  • emerald;
  • opal;
  • aventurine;
  • serpentine;
  • melanitis;
  • Labrador

The combination with Air minerals is questionable. It is impossible to predict how each of these stones will behave. Therefore, it is everyone’s personal choice whether to wear zircon at the same time:

  • with crystal;
  • lapis lazuli;
  • smoky quartz;
  • amethyst;
  • amazonite;
  • chrysoprase.

Colors and subtypes

This mineral has many varieties. These include the following:

  1. Matar diamond is a transparent mineral that is very popular among jewelers. It is mined in Sri Lanka and is often passed off as a diamond.
  2. Jargon - represents yellow zircon. It can have different shades - from straw to brighter golden. Sometimes this gem is passed off as another gem - chrysoberyl.
  3. Hyacinth is a transparent red zircon. It can have different shades - pale pink or a more saturated crimson. Veins are often found in gems. They can be golden or brown.
  4. Malacon is a brown variety of zircon. It contains uranium impurities. The radioactive properties do not make it possible to use the gem in the jewelry industry.
  5. Starlite is a blue zircon. It is extremely rare. Sometimes you can find blue zircon, which also has this name.

There are also other color variations - green, purple, black zircon. At the same time, green zircon is considered the most dangerous because it has radioactive properties.

Thanks to the variety of shades, you can choose the best option. The healing and magical properties of the stone are almost identical.

Place of Birth

At this time, the main supplier of zircon to the world market is Sri Lanka. It is also the main compromiser of the stone, since island jewelers tend to pass off brilliant-cut zircons as diamonds. Large deposits are being developed in the USA, Canada, Brazil, Norway and Madagascar.

There are few zircon deposits in Russia; it is mainly mined as an accompanying mineral during the development of diamond mines in Yakutia and some deposits of semi-precious stones in the Urals.

Mining is carried out either in placers of granite and other igneous rocks, or in kimberlite pipes. Less often - in a career way.

The stone is rare. Most of the specimens found are very small in size, not reaching even one carat. Large specimens of zircon are very rare.

What's the difference between zircon and zirconium?

Many people often confuse the terms. They regard “zircon” and “zirconium” as the same stone. In fact, these concepts are used to refer to different gems.

First you need to understand the differences between zircon and zirconium. The first concept is used to designate a precious stone, and the second is the name of the metal. When choosing zirconium, many people are interested in what the substance looks like. It has a silvery-white tint.

The metal does not occur naturally. It is obtained from various chemical compounds. The production is based on mineral. That's why zirconium and zircon have similar names.

It is worth mentioning cubic zirconia separately. Essentially, this is an artificial diamond that was created at the Physical Institute of the Academy of Sciences. Subsequently, in the jewelry industry it was called cubic zirconium. This name is often found on jewelry. It is worth considering that artificial zirconium does not have magical properties.

When choosing a specific product, you need to know what kind of gem it is based on - natural or artificial. This affects the properties and appearance of jewelry. There are also differences in price. Zirconium jewelry is much cheaper.

I will serve people

Precious stones are not only a beautiful decoration, an object of magical practices or healing meditation. Zircon is used in metallurgy and aviation technology. The mineral is used in nuclear reactors.

Reserves of industrial importance are zircon sands. First, the glacier, moving towards the equator, attracted igneous rocks. Then the water gradually eroded the lighter fractions. Off the coast of Norway, zircon became a wide strip (300 m) of the beach. Zirconium sands are found in the Baltic.

Zircon is the basis for zirconium and hafnium (the element was discovered in 1923).

The following are made from zirconium:

  • medical instruments;
  • vessel clamps;
  • the finest threads for brain surgery.

Zircon is used in metallurgy. Steel with the addition of zircon produces an alloy - armor steel. The stone is used in nuclear reactors - it is used to create the shell of uranium rods in nuclear reactors.

With its properties (extra resistance to acids and alkalis), zircon attracted industrialists so much that in the second half of the 20th century. “zircon fever” began in the world. Sandy zircon quarries, beaches, and dumps were cleared out, allowing the “greedy bourgeoisie” to increase their capital.

Who suits the name

You should choose a mascot based on your name. The gem is perfect for the following men:

  1. Vyacheslav - a stone helps to predict various events. With the help of gems it is possible to detect lies and flattery. They also warn of danger.
  2. Nikolay - hyacinths are suitable for owners of this name. Red zircons help you find the right path, achieve success and gain opportunities for development. With the help of the mineral, it is possible to improve your financial situation and achieve prosperity.
  3. Matvey - all types of crystals are suitable for people with this name. However, it is best to use varieties of warm colors - red, yellow or brown. Such talismans help you become luckier and avoid rash actions.

Women can also use the stone. The properties characteristic of the mineral are fully revealed in the owners of the following names:

  1. Diana - self-flowering helps women with this name become richer. The stone helps solve problems.
  2. Nina - in this case, the mineral helps to become more mentally stable and to endure troubles more easily. With the help of a gem you can cope with disappointments.
  3. Galina – the mineral will help the owners of this name to become more sociable. Thanks to this gem, you will be able to recharge with optimism and joyfully greet every day.

Zircon and zodiac signs

Many people are interested in who this stone is suitable for according to their zodiac sign. When choosing jewelry with it, you should consider the following features:

  1. Virgos are considered melancholic and prone to depression. For representatives of this zodiac sign, zircon helps improve mood and minimize negative attitudes towards life.
  2. For Cancers, pink zircon is suitable, as it helps increase sexuality and become more decisive. With the help of the mineral you can liberate yourself.
  3. Leos are considered to be hot-tempered and emotional. A yellow stone will suit them. Thanks to this gem, it will be possible to neutralize not very good character traits - pride, intolerance, excessive emotionality.
  4. Pisces are considered sacrificial and always try to come to the rescue. Blue or white zircon is suitable for representatives of this zodiac constellation. It helps attract prosperity and longevity.
  5. Aries suits stones of any shade. Using zircon helps you become more restrained and learn to concentrate when making difficult decisions.

Capricorns, Aquarius, Scorpios and Taurus have average compatibility with the mineral. The stone is neutral towards them.


The fragile stone will need proper care.

Some tips for stone owners on care and storage:

  1. Buy zircon jewelry that has a durable frame.
  2. Do not store items in the box next to other jewelry.
  3. Remember that this stone is afraid of chemicals that are part of household chemicals.
  4. Clean zircon jewelry using a flannel cloth soaked in soapy water.

Medicinal properties

The healing properties of the stone are due to the unusual shape of the crystals. Thanks to this, it accumulates vital energy. The gem is able to absorb or give it away.

The mineral helps improve the functioning of the nervous system. In case of ischemia, the stone allows you to reduce the frequency and severity of attacks. For this, it is recommended to use a pendant or necklace.

Therapeutic characteristics may vary depending on the shade:

  1. Yellow crystals help improve the functions of the pancreas, liver, and gall bladder. With their help, it is possible to normalize bile synthesis and improve its composition. The mineral helps treat poisoning and cleanses, removes toxins and toxic substances.
  2. Dark brown gems are good for treating respiratory problems. They help alleviate sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia and speed up recovery. The crystal should also be worn during flu epidemics for preventive purposes.
  3. Hyacinths are considered the most powerful variety of zircon. With their help, it is possible to normalize the functions of the heart and blood vessels. Crystals also promote recovery from traumatic injuries. It is best to wear a ring with a crystal. Moreover, it should be put on the middle finger of the left hand.
  4. Transparent crystals activate metabolic processes and accelerate the process of losing weight.

Magic properties

Zircon is a stone characterized by magical properties. With its help, it is possible to improve memory and attention. The mineral develops intuition and attracts well-being. Crystals help you learn to identify lies and hypocrisy.

In this case, the properties may differ slightly depending on the shade:

  1. Red and yellow stones help bring good luck to explorers. Today they are often used by businessmen, scientists, and inventors.
  2. Black stone helps to hide important information from strangers. Therefore, such decorations were often used by the creators of secret organizations.

Although the gem is more suitable for men, it can also be given to girls. Thanks to this crystal, you will be able to get rid of the tendency to panic. With its help, you can learn to perceive the situation soberly and make the right decisions.

The magic of mineral

Zircon is a stone of truth and justice. This gem not only does not tolerate deceivers, but also helps the owner to catch people in lies, hypocrisy and flattery, developing the owner’s intuitive abilities. If a fraudster dares to use a gem as a talisman or just a decoration, then the stone will repay him with an evil fate, bringing him to trial and imprisonment.

Zircon prefers to see a man in his owners. However, some girls can also count on friendship with the mineral.

The gem favors female representatives who are engaged in scientific activities. The stone will give them clarity of mind, strengthen logical thinking, and help them consider assigned tasks from different angles.

The mineral provides support to businessmen, especially beginners, who risk losing large sums of money. Such people need to have a gem amulet with them, at least until it becomes clear that the risk is justified.

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Varieties such as jargon and hyacinth love bold innovators who risk everything without fear. These minerals favor developers of new products, discoverers of new lands, researchers, designers, inventors, all people who bring innovations to this world.

Ways to recognize a fake

Zircon is often used by scammers to imitate diamonds. An appraiser will help identify a fake. A diamond is characterized by single rather than double refraction of light.

Note! Cubic zirconia can be passed off as zircons. However, artificial stones are heavy.

To recognize a fake yourself, you should check the stone under a magnifying glass in bright light. On the edges of a natural crystal you will be able to see an optical illusion, namely, double the shine.

Zircon is a beautiful mineral that has healing properties and is often used as an amulet. To choose high-quality jewelry with this gem and look perfect, it is recommended to take its properties into account.


Zircon is a special stone for Cancer. People born under this zodiac sign are, in most cases, accustomed to retreating, not giving their partner a chance to realize themselves. Cancer women are especially reserved in intimate matters.

The mineral tends to excite such representatives of the fair sex and increases attraction to men.

This is due to the unusual structure of the crystal, which resembles a double pyramid. Huge sexual energy gathered in the middle of it. And the crystal shell makes the owner believe in himself and overcome the fear of being defeated.

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